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We believe that it is important to be in contact with our clients before, during and after the campaign, we are always ready to answer your questions throughout the year. A policy of transparency and open communication contributes to maintaining our long-term relationships.


Our company is oriented to develop its capabilities with excellence, seeking tailor-made solutions for the world’s most demanding markets and consumers. Ensuring efficient logistics to dispatch our products to the five continents. We know that our clients look for the most select in us that is why we are always in search of the perfect fruit for you. We believe in maintaining long-term business relationships based on trust in order to become your best strategic partner in the development of your business.


At Montveg we carry in our DNA the vocation to do things well, we have a multidisciplinary team of qualified professionals with extensive experience in the sector and a high commitment to continuous improvement.

Our people pride themselves on being part of a family that is constantly charged with delivering only top-quality fresh fruits while protecting the environment in which the products are grown and processed.

Groups of interest

At Montveg we take care of our clients, team, suppliers and closest communities.


We maintain strict contractual requirements with our suppliers, which are reviewed and updated annually through our Supplier Evaluation Policy, to promote continuous improvement and sustainability in their operations. As strategic partners we always seek to find the best solutions so that customers receive what they are waiting for in a timely manner under the highest international standards.


From our beginnings we have assumed the commitment to be a responsible member of the local community in the area where our operation is located. We recognize as a core criterion for the development of our work, the link with the environment in which we work, actively providing job opportunities and seeking communication with the women of these communities, motivating them and encouraging them to apply.


We understand that more and more people want to connect with companies that produce their food, to understand how and where it is grown, as well as what actions are taken and analyze if they are aligned with your philosophy of life. Below, you can learn about our policies, which are updated and improved annually.

Sustainability policy

In Montveg we are committed to take care of the environment, because we recognize the importance of the natural resources, we use to provide our customer with our products.

Quality policy

At Montveg, we are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers by applying updated global quality systems that make us more efficient to comply with each protocol and guarantee food safety and nutritional value in our fields and throughout the supply chain.

Occupational health and safety policy

It is Montveg's policy to guarantee health and safety at work, promoting a culture of risk prevention and a management system that allows the protection of health and safety, compliance with the legal requirements on this matter in force in our country. And we are committed to creating conditions for the existence of a safe and healthy work environment, establishing the necessary control mechanisms so that the system is increasingly efficient.

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September 5, 2020

Choosing both red and white seedless grape varieties has definitely been a wise decision, we wanted to achieve outstanding grape varieties ...

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