A safe workplace

We want everyone to come home safe from work, every day.

Our efforts to feel safe
As our collaborators are the essence of our business, we always seek your satisfaction and comfort, that is why we have initiated a set of ergonomics initiatives that continually explore ways that facilitate work and better performance. Among them, we have implemented the use of suitable protective clothing for each task and we have found more practical tools together with the improvement of processes so that less and less physical demand is required.
We prepare and we are always ready
In order to stay in touch, we conduct trainings that increase awareness of the hazards of agricultural work in which knowledge is shared on how workers can prevent or manage them. We also disseminate our safety policy through visual support such as inserts and labels in order to encourage them to have safe work habits.
We value the voice of our people
At Montveg we have a two-fold approach to communication, we empower our members to react proactively and identify potential risk factors, which allow us to take the necessary corrective measures so that unsafe conditions are made safe. Safety is only achieved through teamwork. Where they always care and care for each other.

¨ The well-being of all our employees is a vital part of our business that is why we continually review our policies and programs regarding safety. Being early detection a method that every day makes us better when it comes to avoiding accidents. ¨

Personnel Management Coordinator
Human Resources Department