Diversity and inclusion

We incorporate diversity and inclusion in everything we do

We seek to be a company that is recognized not only for the high quality of its products, but also for its integrity and for the fair and equitable treatment of its workers.


Diversity is important, but inclusion is the key to getting a team to create a unique sense of belonging, where everyone feels respected and valued for their uniqueness and confident to express their ideas, perspectives and experiences.


We expect everyone, at all times, to display respectful behavior towards colleagues and their ideas.

We listen to everyone to improve

We value the diversity of thoughts and opinions among our team members. That is why we carry out surveys to assess the sense of inclusion and understand how we can reduce turnover and increase satisfaction in the organization


We also review comments received on our website ethics hotline daily to quickly identify and address any concerns. Mutual understanding is an important success factor for Montveg.

Approach differences as competitive advantage

We know that the success of a company depends on the collective skills, talents, and unique experiences of a diverse workforce. At Montveg we take advantage of these differences to connect, to anticipate customer needs and to satisfy the users who consume our products. Differences play an important role in promoting more innovation, better relationships, and a strong competitive advantage in the marketplace.


We strive to create a broad network and build a global workforce that reflects our broad customer base, where diversity of thought is represented in our operations. Our inclusion and diversity efforts are focused on ensuring that we recruit, develop and retain a diverse group, and that everyone has the opportunity to grow and develop both personally and professionally.

Empowering women

In agriculture the largest percentage of the workforce is dominated by men. At Montveg we try to change these figures by actively seeking women candidates within local communities, motivating them to apply. In order to achieve our goal of gender equality and develop a female workforce.

Ethics line

System to report anonymously and securely any irregular act that goes against the corporate values ​​of the company. It can be done using the following means of communication

An email account: rrhh@montveg.pe

The physical mailbox of the Montveg facilities

Personal interview at ICA or LIMA.


  • Detail the irregularity
  • List the people involved (including witnesses)
  • Date, time and place of the incident
  • If there is evidence, where can we find it?

In the Ethics Line you can report any of the following irregularities and more:

  • Appropriation or improper use of the assets or resources of the company.
  • Conflicts of interest.
  • Abuse of power over a certain work group to obtain their own benefits.
  • Accept bribes to condition any business or other decision.
  • Filtering confidential information.
  • Technological abuse or sabotage.

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