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Montveg more than a workplace

We are a company built on unity and oriented towards excellence. Each of our talented employees helps determine who we are and the impact we have on agriculture. With us your effort makes the difference.


We are always looking for people focused on innovation who are looking to grow their talent by joining our team. We believe that companies with a healthy approach continue to change and grow. Thus, together with our values ​​of honesty, commitment, respect and trust make Montveg an excellent place to grow your career.

Why choose us?

Equal opportunities

We strive for fair and equitable work environments that encourage empathy and value different thoughts. Together we form a more unified organization and work to make things better in the future.


At Montveg we are committed to creating a work environment with equal opportunities for all people, where recruitment and development are based on the competencies (knowledge and skills), experiences, achievements and the potential of each person. Without putting any type of distinction such as ethnic origin, nationality, religion, age, sex, or other indicators of personal diversity.


We are very proud of each new job that has been created, we recognize that each role is critical to the success of the group. We hope that each member of our team recognizes the importance of their skills in the dynamics as a whole.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us, we invite you to apply for a vacancy.


Join us in creating a righteous story based on perseverance, hard work, and commitment to the Montveg family.

Corporate jobs

Whether you are just starting your career or are a seasoned professional ready to take on a leadership role. We are ready to offer you challenging and exciting opportunities to grow your career.

We invite you to know the benefits you will have when working with us


A formal job offer
We provide internal and external training according to each profile


We provide a schedule that allows you to balance professional and family life
We offer career lines according to the performance of each employee


We work with incentive systems
We are a stable company that respects the labor rights of our workers


Buying fresh produce
We promote the culture of a healthy life