Seedless tangerines with intense flavor and high juice content

There is something special about citrus.

Beautiful evergreen plants with lush bright green foliage and heavenly fragrant blooms. Citrus fruits play a prominent role in the diet of many people around the world. Citrus fruits are one of the most cultivated species in the world. Its delicious fruits are the cause of great success.

Type of varieties

At Montveg we grow the W. Murcott variety considered one of the highest quality varieties. Our mandarin always has a very good reception for having a great external presence and an internal quality that make it our favorite variety.

  • W. Murcott


Scientific Name:
Citrus Reticulata




W. Murcott


Variety considered to be one of the highest quality, has a high content of vitamins “C” and fiber, the peel being soft and smooth in texture

Very tasty, smooth, and sweet, with a well-balanced acidity.


80 – 105


Diameter mm:
Medium-large size, From 50 – 70


Oblate with accentuated hollow central axis in some climates, diameter height = 1.31


2,3 -. 2,8


Bright and intense orange, color index = 21


Peeling difficulty:


% juice:
50 – 54



We grow it with hope

Our mandarins are grown with care and harvested at the perfect time to ensure the best quality and condition.

  • SET


In this phase, the first flowers begin to dazzle in the mandarin trees and invade nature with their aroma. However, not all flowers manage to go through the next stages to become fruit, since a part of the flowers ends up falling to the ground.


At this stage all the fruits come out of the flowers and is in this moment where the growth of the fruit itself begins. It is vitally important to bear in mind that the climate is a determining factor for the result of the harvest, in its size, its flavor, how juicy it is and how quickly it matures. In Ica we guarantee the sweetness of our fruits thanks to the high temperatures that we reach in the Peruvian summer season.


The time has come to be very attentive to the color of the fruits, since at this stage the fruit will change color, from its original green color to an intense orange, a color that characterizes our W.Murcott mandarins. When this happens it will be time to carry out the maturity test, choosing some at random to verify the different quality indicators, if they comply, you will know that it is time to harvest your fruit, otherwise, we will wait more time to carry out a new test.


It is the stage of fruit collection. Although the mandarin is a fruit that can remain a longer time on the tree without affecting its optimal conditions already reached in the ripening stage. To obtain the best results, it is important to harvest at the most optimal moment of ripening, since if it is too hot the fruits will fall from the tree because they cannot be sustained.

Harvest Calendar

Our mandarin campaign begins in June of each year, carefully harvesting mandarin by mandarin, obtaining an excellent quality of our fruit in color, flavor, and texture.

Property and Benefits

Mandarins have a low caloric content, very rich in water (86%), and do not contain fat. These fruits are recognized for having a large amount of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6 and C. Highlighting the last one for having a high level of vitamin C. They also contain minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Tangerines are also a good source of folic acid, beta-carotene, and antioxidants.


The potassium contained in mandarin oranges may help with the control of high blood pressure or heart levels. In addition, tangerines may help in maintain the blood flow that moves smoothly through the arteries which maintains normal blood pressure.


Mandarins contain a high level of vitamin C that stimulate the formation of antibodies, which they may help fight free radicals in our body through their antioxidant properties. Since these free radicals can lead to the initiation of various infectious and inflammatory diseases. Thus, preventing cell damage.


Tangerines are an important source of the daily diet. They have a satisfying effect, helping in weight loss. It is considered the ideal snack in a diet that aims to lose weight since it has a huge amount of water and very few calories. Its fiber makes it perfect for intestinal problems, diets and bulimia. Mandarin orange contains a large amount of fiber, so if you have constipation problems it will be great to take a couple of them a day. They stimulate bowel movements


We all know that mandarins are sources of different vitamins, including E and B12, which are essential to accelerate hair growth and delay the appearance of gray hair. Thanks to vitamin A, it will give the strengthen to the hair and give it shine and instant loosening. Also, the antioxidant properties of tangerines help protect it from contamination. But for this and for the rest of the properties, its consumption must be regular, and better if it is daily.


Thanks to the antioxidants of the mandarin it may prevent cell aging as they help reduce the effects of free radicals. Improving the tone of the skin, with greater brightness and above all the health of the skin is felt and noticed. The consumption of mandarin is essential if you are looking to improve your skin as it also helps the body to synthesize collagen, improving the healing of skin wounds.


Helps fight anemia, cholesterol, cramps, and vomiting. In cases of anemia, it is recommended to eat or take the mandarin in a juice always together with the iron supplement since it improves the absorption of this. And in the same way, the consumption of mandarin helps to control cholesterol thanks to the synephrine that this exceptional fruit contains, which slows down the production of cholesterol in the body.

Frequently asked questions
How to properly select the best tangerines?
  1. Choose the heaviest, the heavier the juicier
  2. Look for the brightest and without spots, these are the best.
  3. Never choose very soft fruits or those that have cuts.
Is it possible to use tangerines to prepare different recipes?

Mandarins are consumed as natural fruit, they are sufficiently rich and tasty on their own, but with them you can also make rich recipes.

How to store tangerines for a longer time?

If you prefer to have them outdoors, we recommend not to wash them, and if you wet them, you encourage the growth of fungi. It is advisable to refrigerate them to be able to extend their life around 15 days.

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