Agroindustrial Process

Having a good harvest is enough to reward our efforts

We meticulously manage every stage of growth, harvest, and distribution, from the moment the seed is planted to the final product that is delivered to our customers around the world.

This service begins at the orchard level in Peru and continues throughout the entire process until the final product, properly packaged according to market demands, is finally displayed at the points of sale.

A careful selection of land is always carried out, being an indispensable procedure before expanding the cultivation area together with a series of soil analyzes by laboratory.

According to the soil analysis, it allows us to carry out an ideal planting plan for each variety.

Corresponding safety protocols are planted, and we partner with nurseries to ensure traceability and safety begin with our plants of origin.

Fertilizers are applied that provide nutrients to the soil, and different methods are used for irrigation and control of weeds, pests, and diseases.

The growth of the plant is monitored daily, evaluating its nutrient levels, so that they do not have diseases or pests.

A sampling is carried out to determine the organoleptic and sensory quality of the fruits to be harvested, in terms of sucrose, purity and humidity.

The harvest season begins, this is mostly done manually to take care of each bunch.

We pay attention to the details so that each berry meets our quality standards.

We guarantee traceability. We work hard to maintain perfect control of traceability, we offer the quality they are looking for throughout the entire production chain, preserving the natural flavor of our vegetables and fruits through our identification code tracking program.