Safety Program

We believe in being transparent with our clients every step of the way.

We designed the quality management system based on national and international standards and endorsed by different certifications in order to guarantee and provide safe products and satisfy the most demanding markets. We apply food safety criteria, internal and external monitoring, strict control of suppliers and constant training of personnel.

Food safety

At Montveg, one of our top priorities in maintaining the quality of each product is its safety. In this program we can control, measure, and manage quality at each stage of the cultivation process, categorization and the post-harvest stage, each control revolves around food safety and traceability throughout the entire production chain. We care about maintaining and updating the quality system implemented in the field.

Internal and external insurance

Montveg sets standards for the grade and quality of fruit through quality control programs. To achieve this, internal and external audits are implemented. For internal review we promote permanent monitoring from our fields to the point of sale. And for the external review, different verifications are carried out during the production and post-harvest process.


Our human team has experience and is highly qualified and committed to ensuring a rigorous quality control process in each of its activities. They also have ongoing training programs regarding food safety standards.

Supplier evaluation

Within our Quality Policy we request a strict evaluation of suppliers before being able to work with them. We hope that they successfully complete our minimum and essential protocols so that our clients always receive the best. Thus, we encourage all of us to make agriculture a sustainable business.