Know us


About us

We are a Peruvian Company dedicated to the growth, process, and commercialization of the highest selection of varieties of fresh and nutritious fruits, both for the national and international markets.

Created under a modern ecological vision and a sustainable business model, we have a strong commitment to maintain the harmonious balance in which our products are developed every day.

What do we sell exactly?

We specialize in growing table grapes and cirtrus, mainly tangerines. They are characterized and recognized for their high-quality standards using the latest technology that achieve international requirements.

We guarantee the best, tastiest and most beautiful fruits that you have ever tasted on your table. Therefore, to always improve your expectations, we focus our efforts on the constant search for new, richer and more unique varieties


We develop healthy and nutritious crops in an agile and efficient way.

AT MONTVEG we believe that success can only be celebrate when it is achieved in the right way.

We develop healthy and nutritious crops in an agile and efficient way. Always taking care of our fields, we consolidate a service of excellence and quality products that allow us to responsibly feed the world and satisfy consumers who seek this quality.


We seek to create lasting value and positive change for people and the earth, promoting nutritional knowledge and committing ourselves to protect and improve the environment for future generations through a culture of sustainable practices.


Our vision is to promote the development of Perú, and at the same time we consolidate MONTVEG as the leading agro-export company in the sector, recognized globally in the food industry and bei ng a benchmark for the use of sustainable practices, achieving to be the ideal ally and positioning our products as the first option in families worldwide.

Promote development in Peru
To be an example of sustainable business and a source of inspiration for entrepreneurship and efficiency in our country.
Leading agro-exporter in the sector
Always taking a step forward and turning the small into the extraordinary.
First choice of families
To be the preferred and superior supplier of premium products offering unique sensations through our seedless fruits.

Corporate Values

At MONTVEG we are what we believe in:


We are transparent in all our activities, with our people and our clients, maintaining open communication and acting with respect, we take responsibility by honoring the our commitments.


When we started this adventure we committed ourselves 100%, giving the best of us and exceeding expectations in each task performed, we encourage our people to do it too, putting up the most of their capabilities to the maximum to get forward all together, committing ourselves together to always give the best.


We recognize the value of our people, our society, and our planet, that is why we act with respect and defend the difference of ideas, the importance of our ethical line and advocate for the common good.


There is no better strategic partner than the one that exceeds your expectations, that is why in each delivery we are committed to fulfilling our promise to our clients by bringing our products to them on time.


We born with the goal of showing the world the richness of our land and its fruits, fulfilling with our strategy, of delivering only quality products that make a difference, we work tirelessly to ensure that each product meets our standards as we firmly believe in differentiation through quality.

How will we do it?

We have the highest commitment to continuous improvement to make the agroindustrial sector the most productive and sustainable; always aligned with responsibility and respect for the environment.

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