Pillars of Quality

Seekers of excellence, passionate managers

We are constantly seeking the highest levels of quality, while exploring sustainable production practices. Thanks to our own fields that enjoy a privileged climate and location allow us to offer fresh and quality products throughout the year, always complying with the time offered. We thus share a healthy lifestyle for everyone with whom we share our fruits.

We are a company that is oriented to the improvement of its processes. We seek excellence through the permanent optimization of each task and the resources given by Mother Nature, promoting the active participation of a great highly qualified human team and with the firm conviction in caring for the environment.
We have a strategic location, from where you are, we have a central location, offering a shorter route to the main markets, thus reducing shipping times and costs compared to other countries in the world. As a result, we constantly deliver high-quality products throughout the year, maintaining quality control always, and in all processes of our company.
By having our own fields, we cultivate with care and harvest at the exact moment to deliver an exceptional quality, flavor and aroma, in each fruit, this being our main motivation to work in the field and with nature every day.

“We are proud to have established bold pillars of quality that meet and align with our purpose, our brand promise and our premium product position.”

Quality assurance manager
Quality department